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»Knowledge is a treasure that accompanies
its owner everywhere.«

(Chinese proverb)

To act confidently on the international stage

Often, invisible cultural details are the element that determines success or failure. What we teach on our courses makes you fit for global business success – so you master every cultural difference on the way to the top without any problems.

From basic values ​​to concrete behaviour patterns: different national or corporate cultures usually have a certain potential for conflict, but also offer enormous opportunities. In our lectures and workshops, we sensitise the participants to cultural differences and their importance, and in so doing ensure they establish and develop a high degree of intercultural competence. Depending on the task, we use different scientific models, approaches and practices that help participants really ‘feel’ the differences so that intercultural understanding and knowledge are anchored deeply.

Lectures and workshops for a multicultural world

Are you an employee, manager, or director in an internationally-orientated company? Are you about to embark on large-scale foreign venture? You want to build or improve your intercultural competence? Then we are the right people for you. With a balanced mix of theory, knowledge, and practical experience, we provide you with the necessary tools as a code of practice. We also offer courses on general cultural sensitivity, but also culture-specific courses, and training and continuing education. With keynote speeches, case studies and role-play sessions we create and raise awareness to intercultural sensitivity and give insights into – and also perspectives on – an increasingly global landscape.

Culture gets under your skin

The onion model comes from the scientific work of the Dutch Cultural Scientist Geert Hofstede. It illustrates the various layers of cultural conditioning, subdivided into the areas of symbols, heroes, rituals and values. While the three outer shells are directly perceptible, the core of the onion is dominated by feelings and emotions (values). It is here that in the truest sense of the word, culture gets ‘under your skin’.

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